This project required that we illustrate an infographic. There were no restrictions the subject matter, just that we had to have 5 steps. I wanted to try something out of my usual work so I went for a fun, playful, and detailed design.
I created a detailed and simplified poster for the movie Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. This film contains many vivid, whimsical colors so I decided to go for black white. I felt it was a good contrast to the film and I also liked how it would provide a little surprise for the viewer if they saw these designs before the movie. Contrary to its appearance, the themes of the film are quite heavy so the black and white in this design also conveys that.
These illustrations were created for a family member's website. I enjoyed working in a watercolor style as it isn't something I do often, and I was had fun drawing animals (another thing I don't often do).
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