Hi, I'm Evelyn!
I'm a graphic designer with a bachelor's degree from Georgia State University. I was born and raised in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and have had a passion for art for most of my life. Despite nurturing this passion for years, I once relegated it to the realm of hobbies, convinced that pursuing it professionally was beyond my reach.
However, my journey through college transformed my perspective. Delving into the realm of graphic design unveiled a whole new world of possibilities. It was here that I realized my knack for turning creativity into tangible expressions. While I enjoy about all aspects of design, brand and book design hold a special place in my heart. I love bringing narratives to life through visuals and I value every chance to incorporate storytelling into my designs.
When I'm not designing you can find me nose-deep in a comic, experimenting with new baking recipes, or enjoying quality time with my furry companions!
Thank you for stopping by and exploring my corner of the design universe. Whether you're here for inspiration, collaboration, or just to say hello, I'm thrilled to connect and embark on creative adventures together!
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